Desirae, Hospital Manager

More than clients, patients and coworkers, the people and pets that come through here have become more like friends and family to Desirae.  She started her career here in 1999.  Something different happens here every day and she likes that there is never a boring day at Southeast Animal Hospital.  Desirae loves getting to know our patients by heart, knowing their faces and names before clients have a chance to tell her, and a lot of times she knows your name just by hearing your voice on the phone.  She loves being a part of your pet’s life and getting to know and care for you, our clients, as well as your pets.

Staff - Heidi


Heidi has always loved animals and grew up knowing that she wanted to work in veterinary medicine.  After graduating high school, she attended Pima medical institute and earned her CVA in 2022.  Upon completing her certificate, she immediately began working at a spay and neuter clinic and a year later she found her home with us.  Heidi never wants to go home.  She says she would rather be at work than at home because she gets to help all the different types of pets that come through our doors and as a bonus, she gets to spend time laughing with her coworkers.  Her free time is spent cuddling with her red-tailed boa constrictor and taking pictures of her crazy dog doing silly things.


For a person who is so quiet and calm, it is ironic to know that Alyna reserves her words and energy so that she can be the voice for those without one – OUR PETS!  Alyna began her career in veterinary medicine in 2022, after becoming a certified veterinary assistant (CVA) at Pima medical institute.  She has had a lifelong love for animals and has observed that not every animal is given the healthcare they need.  Her dream is to start a non-profit organization that provides free medical services to homeless pets.  Alyna said she enjoys coming to work because she loves the staff and environment.  She and her chiweenie enjoy driving around San Antonio in search of new snack shops.


Aurelia is a student at Texas A&M University San Antonio and will one day become a veterinarian.  She spends most of her time studying so that she can get straight A’s and get into veterinary school.  When she’s not studying, she makes time to come to work, relaxes at home by playing video games, or cuddles with her cat.  Aurelia’s curious by nature and one of her favorite things to do at work is to observe surgeries.  She has worked with pets since 2021 but began caring for her own zoo at home when she was very young.  Aurelia’s pets have included: cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and different types of parrots.  She is helping collect mosquitoes throughout San Antonio for a study by Texas A&M which will gather data from these vectors that transmit heartworm disease to our pets.

Staff - Nancy


After realizing that animal abuse and suffering go hand-in-hand with San Antonio’s overpopulation of pets, Nancy decided to help do her part by volunteering at a spay and neuter clinic.  She soon found herself managing that spay and neuter clinic and has spent the years since 2010, helping pets and educating clients.  Nancy enjoys having the opportunity to meet and help unique, exotic pets and their people.  She has owned many extraordinary pets and even though her house is a zoo, she assures us that it does NOT smell like one.  She has a variety of hobbies and interests which include outdoor family time, baking, painting, reading, crafting, and obsessing over true-crime books, documentaries and podcasts.

Staff - Alexys


Working in the veterinary field has been a dream of Alexys’ since he was a kid.  He grew up caring for his family’s dogs and cats.  He turned his dream into a reality in 2023, by earning his CVA from Pima medical institute.  As a boy he was attacked by a dog and instead of letting this tragedy and new-found fear of dogs deter him from his dream, it only strengthened his resolve to overcome his fear and learn how to better understand our pets.  He is kind and gentle with both animals and humans and is eager to go out of his way to offer his help to our clients and his coworkers.  Alexys’ favorite thing about coming to work each day is knowing that he is going to make a difference in someone’s life and knowing he will be able to help our clients and their pets.  He has two dogs that he likes to take on walks to the park. When he needs to unwind, he watches anime shows.


Jimena’s passion for animal welfare and yearning to stomp out preventable diseases in domestic pets lead her to a career in veterinary medicine.  She will graduate in the fall of 2023, from PIMA medical institute with her CVA.  Once she completes her CVA, she aspires to continue her education to become a state licensed technician.  Jimena enjoys working with all species of animals and helping them in any way she can.  Almost as much as she enjoys meeting our patients, she also enjoys meeting their “interesting owners”.  When she is not helping an animal, she spends her time working out, reading, journaling, and playing video games.  Jimena is fluent in English and Spanish and has also studied French and Japanese.

Staff - Janessa


Rescuing animals has been a hobby of Janessa’s for over 15 years.  Janessa has rescued, rehabilitated and found “fur-ever” homes for numerous abandoned pets since she was in elementary school.  There is no place, other than a veterinary hospital, for a person like Janessa who has loved and cared for animals her whole life.  She especially loves horses and farm animals and devotes her spare time to horseback riding.  If she gets tired of kicking up sand with her horses, she’ll spend some time doing her next favorite thing – shopping!  She started her career here just after graduating from high school in 2020.  Her devotion to animals and her affection for her coworkers keeps her coming back for a new adventure each day.

Staff - Adriana


Adriana began her veterinary career as a health occupations intern her senior year of high school in 2002.  After graduating, she continued volunteering at our hospital and then she just never left.  Her long career here has given her the opportunity to care for thousands of patients.  She takes pride in knowing that she can help improve the lives of our patients.  The emotional reward she gets from having that kind of impact has sustained her 20-year career.  Adriana’s favorite part of her workday is lunch.  The camaraderie, friendship, and laughter that she shares with her coworkers have grounded her to this hospital.  She (like most working mothers-of-two) will spend any free time she gets sleeping, reading, sipping a margarita, and eating.