About Us

Welcome to Southeast Animal Hospital. Dr. Mark Homer and the staff are glad you are here! Scroll down to take a quick tour of our hospital. Before you start, don’t forget to let Fido relieve himself after that long car ride.  

We are very proud of our state-of-the-art hospital. In a single unique facility designed with your pet in mind, we have compiled the very best treatment, surgery, grooming, boarding and pet owner education services available.

Waiting Room 

Face it, this is where you hope you spend the least time in our hospital. Nonetheless, we have made it comfortable, cheerful, and efficient.

Exam Room

You and your pet will both see the doctor, even if you take advantage of our drop off service. The doctor will personally go over your pet’s condition and will discuss all treatments, test results, and home care needs with you.

The patient’s history is an essential part of a good diagnosis. We encourage all owners to be present to ask questions, express concerns and provide the information to guide the doctor in creating a diagnostic treatment plan for your pet.

Pharmacy Area

These cabinets are filled with medications your pet may need. This corridor opens to the three contiguous exam rooms. If your pet needs a prescription to go home, we will have them ready for you when your pet is ready to go home. For refills, you can just call them in, and we will have them ready for you to pick up at the drive-thru window.

Treatment Area

This is the heart and soul of Southeast Animal Hospital. Dental prophylaxis, wound treatment, post-op recovery, patient assessment and routine procedures are handled in the hub of the hospital. The ICU, Surgery, LAB, Grooming, Kennel, Radiology and Pharmacy ring the Treatment center, making for efficient traffic flow and saving critical seconds in emergency treatment.

X-Ray Room

We can have your pet’s radiographs taken and ready in a matter of minutes, so you don’t have to stress just waiting to know what is wrong with your baby. Once x-rays are processed, the doctor will interpret and review them with you in the exam room. If necessary, we can send them to a radiology specialist for review.

Surgery Room

Our facility offers an assortment of anesthetic procedures from routine spays and neuters to dental cleanings and emergency surgeries. Our experienced staff and doctors are available to closely watch your pet recover from their anesthetic procedure.  We are also available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise before and after you take your pet home. Your pet’s safe and speedy recovery is our paramount concern.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

This unit is designed for contagious disease isolation. The unit has a negative flow ventilation system to keep airborne disease agents from entering the hospital’s ventilation system. It has its own equipment, sinks, IV pumps and supplies.

Hospitalized patients are visually monitored through glass doors on a continued basis. This allows better care for our sickest patients. Between cases this room is sterilized for other hospitalized animals.

Wet Kennel

This is where all the dogs lose the dirt and fleas for their fresh new look. We have two tubs – the high, regular sized tub is for small dogs. The lower, walk-in tub on the left side of the photo is for large dogs. Once they are bathed, they are towel dried, blown with high powered air to aid in the drying process, and then they are placed in a kennel with an industrial dryer to finish drying.

Dry Kennel

Our kennel is exceptionally clean and animal friendly. Sound alternating insulations and odor controlling fans make the kennel cool and quiet. Blankets from home are encouraged but are provided if needed. All dogs are walked twice daily in our Dog Park. The kennel staff provides each pet the attention they desire to make this your pet’s “home away from home”.

Dog Park Area

This area, designated for the dogs to romp around, extends from the front of the hospital to the end of the mini storage facility. Twice a day, we take each boarding dog out for a stroll. It is gated so that the dogs are in a secure area and are separated by a privacy fence.